What version of Zoho works with ZPortals plugin?

Paid accounts of either Zoho One, Standard, Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate packages.

Do you offer support and if so, what’s included?

We offer phone and email support. Please also visit our dedicated support page here.

What subscription plan should I choose for my use case?

Usage is based on API calls and will be displayed on the License menu tab in the plugin. As an example, if 100 clients login per month and each client is expected to edit 1 record, view an invoice, and submit a support ticket with a 4 message thread then 6 API calls will be used per client or 600 API calls per month.

Most clients start with a free trial in order to install, configure and test and thereby gain an understanding of realistic expected client (or internal) portal activity. 

What happens when API calls are exhausted?

Three email notifications are sent to the administrator (the licensee’s email) when approaching the API limit, at 80%, 90% and 100%. Note that once the limit is reached, frontend portal users will not be able to login. The license can be upgraded in the License menu tab of the plugin.

How secure is data and the plugin?

The plugin does not store any Zoho or WordPress data or passwords. It uses OAuth 2.0 security protocol to access information from the connected Zoho account. ZPortals does not store any of the data on any of it’s servers.

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