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Zoho Apps Integration  >  Zoho CRM Integration

Zoho CRM Integration Features

   Invite Contacts (Users) to the portal directly from their Contact record.

   Share related standard or custom module data from Contacts and/or Accounts.

   Supports Parent/Child and multi-account relationships to the Contact.

   Set up Profiles for each User to customize access to enabled modules and webtabs.

    Customize the portal layout and field permission/access by Profile.

   Use CRM views to limit the records a User can see.

   Set up filters and enable universal search as tools for end users to quickly find their records.

   Allow Users to view, edit, delete or add records and update the CRM in real time.

   Display record attachments in a list or gallery view.

   Set your preferred date format.

Zoho CRM Integration Limitations

   Layout rules are not supported.

   CRM views when enabled in Data Relationship, are universal based on the criteria of the view, not by User.

   Field validation and field name customization is not available.

Zoho Apps Integration Zoho Books Integration

Zoho Books Integration Features

   Display User’s transactions with your organization and allow online payments (make sure to configure a payment

        gateway first in Zoho Books).

    Enable a main Billing header menu tab (optional) that is collapsible for the User.

     Hide or show these transaction types:

– Estimates

– Sales Orders

– Invoices

– Retainer Invoices

– Payment Statements

   Set your preferred date format.

   Triggers workflows and approval processes set up in Zoho Books.

Zoho Books Integration Limitations

    No customization of the invoice to display.

Zoho Apps Integration Zoho Desk Integration

Zoho Desk Integration Features

   Users can submit and view tickets in addition to the ticket threads.

   Standard Desk fields are available to display or hide.

   Customize the picklist values within the standard fields to display to the portal User.

   Customize the layout sections and fields and make fields required as needed.

   Knowledgebase can be displayed through the ASAP widget.

   Admins can enable the option for users to see other tickets related through the Account.

Zoho Desk Integration Limitations

   Custom fields are unavailable.

   Only one department and support email address are supported.

Zoho Apps Integration Zoho Subscriptions Integration

Zoho Subscriptions Integration Features

    Allow Users to view and edit Zoho Subscriptions right within the portal.

    Allow Users to update credit card information.

    Give Users the ability to cancel their subscriptions.

    Customize the products to display from Zoho Subscriptions Product module.

    Option to hide certain Zoho Subscription Plans.

Zoho Apps Integration Zoho Sign Integration

Zoho Sign Integration Features

    Users can view and download signed documents that were completed via Zoho Sign’s integration with Zoho CRM.

Zoho Apps Integration Zoho Vault Integration

Zoho Vault Integration Features

   Users can share, view, edit and delete passwords within the shared chamber(s).

Zoho Apps Integration Zoho Workdrive Integration

Zoho Workdrive Integration Features

   Client documentation management is possible by giving users the ability to view, download and

        upload documents into their specific Workdrive client folder.

   Automation between the Workdrive and CRM integration makes managing access for Users easy.

   Set up notifications for CRM record owners and Users when documents are uploaded.

   Customize the email template for the notification.

Zoho Workdrive Integration Limitations

   Make sure you install the extension for Workdrive in Zoho CRM.

   It does not allow Users to delete any documents.

   Users cannot edit documents live-files must be downloaded first for editing and re-uploaded.

Zoho Apps Integration Zoho Inventory Integration

Zoho Inventroy Integration Features

   Create an online store for Users to purchase products directly from your Zoho Inventory.

   Display only active products from Zoho Inventory.

   Show or hide certain standard Product fields.

   Show categories and warehouse and provide users with filter options based on standard Zoho Inventory fields.

   Configure coupon codes for the User to apply at checkout.

   Setup a custom landing page for successful checkout and enter the redirect URL.

Zoho Inventory Integration Limitations

    The number of fields to display are limited to Description, Name, Tags, Quantity and Price.

   Integration with Woocommerce is possible under certain conditions. Contact support for details: support@zportals.com.

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