Simplified Subscription – User Based Tiers

ZPortals underwent a major restructuring in our subscription model. This user-based tier system is designed to help administrators manage portal usage in a straightforward manner. Instead of determining the right plan based on API calls, admins will now be able to manage the portals based on the number of users logging in. This data can also be viewed in Zoho CRM using the “Last Login Date” field to monitor activity.

There will be no change for all subscribers signed up before December 2023 as current plans will be grandfathered for the remainder of the year.

Review our new plans here.

Introducing Our New Premium Theme

ZPortals subscribers spoke and we listened. A common improvement request was for better design, format and responsiveness for all of our end users.

Elevate your portal’s aesthetics with our new premium Portal Theme 8. It’s mobile-responsive, sleek, and seamlessly integrates better with WordPress themes, enhancing the user experience across devices and minimizing administrator’s time in optimizing the portal’s style.

Note: Access to this theme requires an upgrade from API usage subscriptions to one of our new user-based subscriptions.

Check out our demo Professional Services site to see it in action!

Speed Performance Enhancements

Our team’s dedicated efforts have significantly optimized portal speed, ensuring faster load times of Zoho data with your WordPress sites.

Remember to maintain your site’s hosting, install speed-improving plugins, and conduct regular clean-ups for optimal overall site performance.

License Menu Improvements

The “License” menu in ZPortals has been renamed to “Admin Dashboard” with an easier way to get in contact with our support team. The new dashboard will include an active user account along with number of users remaining:

Note that this is per license so if the license is installed on two sites, it will reflect a total.
Admins will be able to view and interact with Active, Pending and Inactive users directly from the dashboard.

User Management Improvements

Users can now choose custom usernames instead of their Zoho CRM email addresses.

Plus, the plugin now checks for WordPress User Roles when a User is added to ZPortals, facilitating easier synchronization across multiple WordPress plugins.

Customizable Field Names

Tailor field names to your needs, including translating them into a different language.


Element Improvements

Merge Tags in Text Blocks: Create a more personalized user experience by inserting field values into our text block elements.
Use this element on the dashboard to greet the portal user:


Related List Filtering

Only show related list data that needs to show based on a general admin filtering based on criteria for the menu and layout configuration.

For example, show only confirmed quotes in a related list of an account.

We thank you for your continued support and can’t wait to embark on this new chapter of ZPortals 5.0 with you!
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