How are you using Zoho? 

All organizations have unique requirements for their business software. While some come to Zoho for only one or two apps, many others integrate several of Zoho One’s suite of software solutions into their business workflows. Companies trust Zoho to facilitate everything from bookkeeping to project planning because it makes the process of doing business easier. 

With ZPortals Unified Client Portal Builder for Zoho you can pass that experience down to your clients. 

What is a client portal?

If you’ve ever logged into a website with your email and password, you’ve used a portal: it’s a gateway through which verified accounts can access documents or services behind a login. It provides a secure entry point for your clients to access your website and engage with you and any workflows that you’ve selected. A client portal is a bridge between your internal workflows and your customers’ online user experience.

Why should I have a client portal?

Efficiency. Enabling and empowering your client base, vendors, distributors, and affiliates to interact directly with the systems upon which your workflows rest reduces the time and resources needed to complete simple tasks or complicated jobs. Every time your clients complete a task through the portal, you’re saving time and money by automating that process. Here are some common examples of things users can do through your portal:

  • Onboard and intake themselves into your database using Zoho Forms
  • Share and view documents with Zoho WorkDrive 
  • Pay or submit invoices with Zoho Books
  • Submit support tickets with Zoho Desk
  • Track the status of ongoing projects with Zoho Analytics
  • Share, review and sign agreements with Zoho Sign
  • Submit feedback with Zoho Survey
  • Manage their subscriptions with Zoho Subscription
  • Retrieve, request and share passwords with Zoho Vault
  • Trigger inventory tracking automation through Zoho Inventory

And all of these apps fully integrate into Zoho CRM for seamless automation and maximized efficiency. 

Why ZPortals?

ZPortals was built to solve one specific problem: No portal existed that unified Zoho’s applications. Zoho’s native portal was a modest solution that lacked much of the functionality that ZPortals can do: 

  • ZPortals allows users to use the full gamut of Zoho One apps with a single sign-on, unlike Zoho’s portals which requires independent logins for each application. 
  • ZPortals is hosted on your own website. This means that it can be perfectly branded and customized to fit your organization.
  • Unlike other portals, ZPortals can support third party integrations. If your organization requires the use of third party software to meet your needs, only ZPortals can give you that flexibility. 
  • With ZPortals you can have total control of user permissions and roles.

In short, ZPortals provides your organization the power and flexibility to scale your business by automating your workflows, and will delight your users with its smooth functionality. 

So how much does it cost?

Pricing is based on the number of users. Plans range from $49 per month for our Essential plan to $399 for the Unlimited plan.

Setting up ZPortals:

ZPortals’ setup does not require any coding since the layout for fields and sections is similar to Zoho. The Portal can be configured directly on your website and can be customized with six themes, color adjusted, and can even support custom css and JavaScript for a fully branded experience. For a successful portal rollout, we recommend working with a Zoho Partner.